Are you looking for a Qualified, professional electrician?

Hi, I am Coleen. Electrician, and Owner of Alto Electrical. 

You may notice that there is something a little bit different about me, something that my customers tell me makes them feel a bit safer having work done in the house. At Alto Electrical we currently have a 75% female workforce, and this is what we believe that makes us a bit special. 

I set up Alto Electrical because I was fed up of working on big building sites, and on the solar farms. I really felt that I had something that would be better put to use in peoples homes, and although I was a bit sceptical at first due to a female electrician nationally being the least trusted female career (a nurse is the least trusted male career). I should not have worried, I would be lying if I said I hadn't encountered any comments or remarks. But nothing that has slowed me down. 

Mostly Alto Electrical runs on recommendations from our multitude of satisfied customers and we have many repeat customers that have us back to work on their lovely homes. But even if we are busy, we always try to make sure we have time for any emergency call out. Day or night. 


From the very beginning of my career, knowledge has been important to me, I enjoy learning, and I like to know exactly what I am doing. Even when I decided to set this company up, I decided to go on a business running course to get an idea of the ins and out. I have put myself through many courses and I still continue to further my knowledge to this day, whilst also running this business. From the HNC in Electrical and Electronic Engineering I am studying one day a week, to teaching myself about renewable energy and discovering the latest technologies. 

What my customers tell me they like about me, is that I am down to earth, friendly and that I put them at ease. They like that I will describe work that needs to be done, or a fault that has been found. I will tell you what it means in technical terms but then go on and explain it in a manner that anybody can understand. I even go as far as to show you exactly what the issue is. If possible that is. This ensures that you are aware exactly what is needed and precisely where money is being spent. 

We have several policies at Alto Electrical that make us unique, one of these policies is that we will pay for a professional clean if your home is not left as clean, or cleaner than you left it. 

The Hen House

Palace Farm Offices

Witham on the Hill

PE10 0JH

VAT Registration: GB 291 3474 91

CRM: 09863312